Karen England

Certified GAPS Practitioner

My health issues began in my childhood with food sensitivities, gut & sinus problems. I was an anxious and shy child and would avoid situations because of this.

In my teens my health didn’t improve with more chronic gut issues and emotional issues
which lead me to disordered eating and over exercising as a way of coping. I learnt to
eliminate the foods that were causing me to feel unwell but this never solved the underlying problems and allowed my gut to heal.

I developed chronic fatigue syndrome in my 20’s after a viral infection which took years to
recover from. I later went through a period of chronic stress which continued to damage
my gut and a new range of symptoms developed.

I have always found health fascinating and became a Nutritionist in my 20’s. I have always
followed a wholistic approach to health however I felt like my whole life I have been putting out spot fires and treating symptoms and never correcting the foundations of my health.

My motivation to find more solutions was a combination of my own health issues and
watching my mum suffer from a debilitating degenerative disease. I understand the
connection between the gut health and so many (if not most) diseases. I knew there had to be other answers but had just not found them.

Then along came GAPS. I became a Certified GAPS Practitioner in 2022. GAPS offers a
solution. It teaches a lifestyle that heals, it gives you the tools to take control of your own
health. GAPS understand the importance of supporting our detoxification pathways, mine
were struggling.

GAPS isn’t a quick fix or a bandaid solution, it is way of life to restore your own health. Our
bodies have a unique ability to heal, they just need to be given the correct environment to
do so.