Simple Sauerkraut

So what is all the fuss about sauerkraut? Sauerkraut is a powerful probiotic food that will help to balance the bacteria in your gut. It is important to include as many types of different probiotic foods into your daily diet to crowd out any bad bacteria that can be causing problems. Start slowly if you are new to fermented foods as you can experience a die off reactions.

  • 1/2 large cabbage around 500g (red or white)
  • 20g fine sea salt
  • OPTIONAL 1 tablespoon kraut juice from a previous batch to help fermentation

Sterilise a glass jar using hot soapy water, then rinse away residue with boiling water or alteratively sterilise in dishwasher – you will need about a 1L jar for this recipe

Finely slice cabbage and place in a large bowl

Sprinkle over salt

With clean hands massage cabbage until it becomes very soft and releases water

Pack cabbage into your sterilised jar and press down firmly to remove any air pockets

Leave the cabbage a few inches below rim of jar. Cover cabbage with leftover cabbage leave and press down to submerge below liquid. Add extra kraut juice if using

You can use a glass weight as well to keep cabbage submerged but not necessary if cabbage leaf is holding nicely

Place lid on firmly and store in a cool place away from sunlight for around 30 days